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LANX & Company featured on digital Concierge Resource Guide.


LANX & Company featured on page 6 of the Lease Luxury Properties digital Concierge Resource Guide.

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The false promise of cheap wine


Last week Slate published a piece titled "Drink Cheap Wine." Its core argument was that wine professionals are pulling one over on the public, that our usual standards of about $15 for an "everyday"

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The End of Cheap Coffee: Why the Diner...


On a rainy Wednesday afternoon in Venice, California, Dan Kougan spreads out three shot glasses in front of a curious audience. The champagne-colored liquid bubbling on the left is a homemade hops soda.

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Restaurants On Thanksgiving:..


This year, the National Restaurant Association estimates that 14 million Americans will dine out for Thanksgiving, and an additional 16 million Americans will order take-out to supplement their Thanksgiving feast.

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10 fastest growing restaurants


America may be obsessed with healthy eating, but one market trend suggests otherwise. The restaurants with the fastest growing customer bases are Five Guys Holdings LLC ,CMG , Jimmy John's Franchise LLC...

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World's Hottest Rooftop Restaurants


Savor the five-star views at trendy rooftop restaurants from Brooklyn to Bangkok..

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What We Do

Lanx & Company provides expertise in all aspects of development and operations. Our diverse team of professionals will assist you in navigating the complex path to a successful opening at a minimal cost.

New ventures begin on the right track and stay there. Our depth of experience and vast range of resources can assist you in site selection, concept creation, pre-development planning, staffing, training, inventory and cost control. We provide you with the tools, including marketing, branding and social media to insure that the restaurant of your dreams becomes a reality.

Our team specializes in restaurant and event space openings.

Our company provides the education and knowledge to give clients significant tools necessary for success. We act as skillful ambassadors between you and the variety of vendors and services contractors, saving you the headache of navigating unfamiliar territory. Whether you are re-branding or starting from the ground up, Lanx & Co. will provide the support you need


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LANX & Co. has assembled a veteran team of Industry Operators and Leaders. At LANX, we are committed to sharing knowledge, expertise and a passion for the Hospitality Industry.


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